Performing A Resecure
Work Order

A Resecure work order can be a fairly simple work order to complete. Basically, you simply need to go to the property, and check all the doors and windows to make sure that are locked. But what is behind the generation of this Resecure work order?

When a property is vacant, neighbors are generally watching out for the property; they don't want vandalism or vagrancy in their neighborhood. If they see some activity there and suspect that the property is not secure, they will report it to whomever they think will take action.

The Scope of a Resecure WO

So, your client has received a report — from some named or unnamed source — that the property is unsecure. Your job is to get to the property as soon as possible, and make sure it is secure.

You need to check all of the doors and windows to make sure that they are locked. If they cannot be secured with the existing locks, then you have an opportunity to make some money securing the property. Depending on the client, if you cannot secure the property with existing, you will be asked to either bid to secure the property, or else to go ahead and secure it, and then submit an invoice for your work (BATF).

Additional Notes

Every time you receive a work order to go to a property, you will be asked to submit a Property Condition Report (PCR), which includes a full set of photos, showing the condition of the property. This is an opportunity to submit bids for work that you believe needs to be addressed. Don't miss this opportunity.

If you find that an exterior door jamb has been broken so severely that a new lock cannot be installed, provide a bid to repair the jamb and install a lock. Check your lock supplier for a jamb enforcer.

For windows or sliding doors that cannot be locked with the existing locks, usually the installation of one or two slider locks will do the trick.

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