Debris Removal...Where the Money Is?

Debris removal or "foreclosure clean outs" — this is one of the more well-known parts of this industry. It seems that a lot of people have heard that this is where the money really is. In fact, we've heard people say: "The dollars are in the cubes!"

Yes, there's money to be made here...and sometimes quite a lot, because when people vacate their homes, they usually leave a lot of stuff behind. And while there are a few homeowners who remove everything and vacuum before they leave, most do not.

All Debris Is Not The Same

When we talk about removing debris, you need to understand that there are several different kinds of debris. And you need to be familiar with and properly identify which kinds of debris you are dealing with. Debris removal concerns at least six distinct classifications:

  • Exterior Health Hazards
  • Interior Health Hazards
  • Exterior Personal Property
  • Interior Personal Property
  • Exterior Debris
  • Interior Debris

Each of these classes of debris have differing levels of priority for your client. There are different times that your client will want them bid on and removed. Knowing what the mortgage companies want removed (or moved), why they want it removed, and when they want it removed, will help you be more efficient in the use of your time.

Learn This Part of the Business Well,
and It Will Pay You Well

If you're new to this industry, there's quite a bit to learn:

  • Identifying different kinds of debris
  • Taking good photos of the debris
  • Measuring the quantity of debris
  • Submitting bids for removing the debris
  • Disposing of the different kinds of debris

Even if you do not have a dump truck with a 30 yard box, and a crew working for you, there are ways to profit from this part of the industry, and we can help you learn how.

For a home in foreclosure, since the mortgager still owns the house and everything in it, before you do any debris removal you need to understand what portion of the debris is personal property.