Performing a Provide Access
Work Order

Sometimes a work order will ask you to simply provide access to a property for a third party. You may be asked to unlock the door for a realtor/broker, an insurance adjuster, a property inspector, of for the mortgage holder. The work is not complicated, and for that reason, you will only be paid for a minimum trip fee.

Since the client you work for has changed the lock(s) for the mortgage company, people will contact the mortgagee to gain access to the property. It might be for the homeowner to retrieve some of his/her personal belongings. It might be for an insurance adjuster or property inspector to take photos.

You Might be Asked to Provide a Key

On occasion the client might want you to meet the homeowner or broker at the property to furnish him/her with a key to the property. This is one reason to keep at least a small supply of extra keys on hand.

The Provide Access WO will supply you with the name and phone number of the person to whom you will be providing access. It is your responsibility to call and make an appointment to meet the party at the property. If you don't get hold of the contact by phone, leave a message, and be sure to document the days and times of the phone calls you make. Generally you should try to make contact at least three times over 2-3 days.

Providing Evidence of Your Work

Obviously, as always, you need to take and submit photos in order to be paid for your work. <i>What photos should you take?</i> Well, take all of the property condition photos you would normally take for a work order. And then, try to get a photo of the person at the door or inside the house. Tell them you need a photo to prove to your client that you complied with their request.

Once you've taken all of your photos and locked the house up, you're done. It's just that easy. Now get prepared to learn about one of the most tension-filled work orders. Click here to go from Provide Access WO to Eviction WO.