Perform A Grass Recut
Work Order

Grass Recut Work Orders supply the Property Preservation Specialist with a six-month supply of work. You could easily have 50-100 properties where you're cutting the grass twice each month. At a time when a lot of people are looking for work, this could be a boon for you.

Remember this with recut work orders: you're not going to get paid a lot, so you need to get in, get done, get out, and get on to the next one. Schedule your recuts so that you can do them the most cost effectively. They will take a little more time in the Spring and early Summer than they will in mid to late Summer, so remember that when you might be tempted to complain that the grass is growing too fast.

How Much Work Should You Do?

Those who have been doing this kind of work for 15-20 years have told us that you need to average about twenty minutes for each recut. We recommend that you use a mulching mower as much as possible. Keep your blades sharp and your engine running well, and you can do quality work in a short amount of time.

The amount of work you must do also depends upon what kind of a neighborhood you're working in. In an upscale neighborhood you'll need to pay closer attention to trimming and sweeping/blowing, than you will in a rural area.

Grass Recut Photos

Each client has differing requirements for recut photos. We have seen some who require a minimum of two befores and two afters, and others that require a total of 40 photos!

The most important thing with recut photos is to take your before and after photos from exactly the same spots. (You can go back and review your befores on your camera if you need to.) And then, it is also helpful to compose your photo shot with a fence, driveway, or side of the house, along one side of the photo. (It makes it so much easier to identify your befores and afters.)

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